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How To Create A Zoom Event In Moodle

Setup Meeting in Moodle

To create a single digital location where all of your class sessions can take place, you may want to create a Zoom meeting with the Zoom plugin in Moodle.

To start, navigate to your course's homepage in Moodle.

Click the settings gear icon, then click "Turn editing on". Screen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_8.46.47_AM.png

Under the topic you'd like to add the Zoom meeting, click "Add an activity or resource".


In the Activity list, select "Zoom meeting", then click "Add".


On the next page, add the Zoom meeting info.  We recommend naming the meeting something that has a reference to the course's name.


Then, configure the rest of the settings.  You can change the default options, if you'd like.  We wouldn't recommend making more than one meeting per course, because all class sessions 

Once you're comfortable with the settings of the meeting, scroll to the bottom of the window, and click"Save and return to course" or "Save and display" to add the meeting to your course.


If you would like to record this meeting automatically, use the information in this knowledge article. 


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