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How To Convert Your Existing Zoom Account to the New SNC License

If you had previously used your SNC email address to login to Zoom, and you have not yet logged into Zoom since we implemented our account (July 2020), you will be prompted to accept an invitation to convert your account to the new license. This process may follow one of a couple of methods, depending on the type of account you had (free or paid) and if you had users attached to that account. Be sure to read all of the prompts carefully. These are the two methods:


If you see a message like this, offering to switch your account, just acknowledge the message and follow the prompts to switch:



If you see a message like this, offering to consolidate your account, choose the "Consolidate" option:



By following the prompts, you will reach a screen like this:


This above screen offers options for how to handle any balance remaining from fees that you've paid. It may look strange because instead of using the name "St. Norbert College", it uses the name of the account administrator (Scott Crevier). Be sure to choose the "Send refund to self" option to have them apply the refund to the credit card that you used to pay for the account.

After you finish, click the option to go to your profile page. You'll now be logged into your new SNC Zoom account. You should also receive an email confirming this consolidation.


  • If you have troubles consolidating your account, Zoom has suggested that you check these three things in your old account, in this order:
  • Zoom's billing office has told us that the above screen may show "$0.00" even though you actually have a refund coming. If that's the case, just continue with the process. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Zoom with information about the refund and amount. If you have questions about your refund, they've asked that you call their billing office directly: 888-799-9666, option #3. If you continue to have any questions, contact the ITS Service Desk and we'll see if we can help move the process along.

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