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Who can use our college Zoom account?

St. Norbert College has an education license with Zoom. This article explains who can access Zoom and who cannot.

People With Access to Zoom

Our license is available to users with an SNC account under the following classifications:

  • staff
  • faculty
  • students
  • affiliates
  • trustees

When such a student or employee first sets the password for their account, they are immediately eligible to use Zoom.

Note that Zoom only knows that you exist after your first login to Zoom. After that, other users will be able to do things like make you the co-host of a meeting.

People Without Access to Zoom

Users with SNC accounts under the following classifications are not included in our campus license:

  • alumni
  • applicants
  • incoming
  • retirees

If you had used Zoom with your SNC email address before we established our campus license (July 2020) and are in one of the groups who do not have a license through SNC, you will no longer be able to use Zoom with your SNC email address. You can of course continue to use use Zoom, you'll just need to use a different email address.

Department/Non-person Accounts

Our authentication mechanism only allows the above-mentioned people to login to Zoom using single sign on (SSO). We cannot login to Zoom with an email address (including department email addresses).

Zoom for Personal Purposes

Students are allowed to use Zoom for personal purposes.

Employees and all other users are not allowed to use Zoom for personal purposes.

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