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How To Manage Zoom Video Recordings

When you host a Zoom meeting, you have the option of recording that meeting. Zoom offers two locations to store your recorded video:

  • in the cloud
  • locally on your computer

The default is to store your video in the cloud (on Zoom's web site), but you can change this setting. When you store your video locally, Zoom will put it in your Documents folder.

Videos that are stored in the cloud on Zoom's web site can be shared with other users by simply clicking the "Share" button next to the video. However, since the video is only available there for a limited time, you may want to consider downloading it and sharing it via Google Drive instead.

Storage Limits

It's important to understand that our available cloud storage space is limited. While there is no specific individual limitation on the amount of space, our limit applies to our entire education account with Zoom. As such, your video will only be kept on Zoom's website for 30 days after your meeting ends. After 30 days, it will automatically move to the trash (see below).

At some point during those 30 days, we recommend that you view your video and decide what to do with it. If you want to save it past 30 days, you must download it, and perhaps put it on Google Drive for storage or sharing.


Videos that are in the trash stay there for another 30 days before they are deleted permanently. Videos that have been permanently deleted cannot be recovered. Therefore, if your video is in the trash and you wish to keep it, you should first "recover" it, then download it immediately. Note that even when you recover a deleted recording, it will be automatically deleted again that same day if it is older than 30 days. So, download it immediately.

Class Recordings

Zoom recordings of classes are also copied to Kaltura which is accessible via Moodle. Videos that are deleted in Zoom, are NOT deleted from Kaltura. Available cloud storage space is limited with Kaltura, but it has greater capacity than that of Zoom. Our current arrangement with Kaltura allows us to store videos there until at least June 2021.

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