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Microsoft Office Is Not Activated

Some of our computers have an older version of Microsoft Office installed. If you have an older version and you're using your laptop off campus, you may see the message: "this copy of Microsoft Office is not activated."



There are two options available for you to solve this issue:


Option 1: Re-activate your current install of Office

Note that the message above says to connect "to your corporate network to enable automatic activation." To do this, visit campus and connect your device to the SNC campus network. Once it is connected, open Office and the program will check in automatically.

If you are working off campus for an extended time, you can still drive up next to some buildings (i.e. library) and will be close enough to connect to the SNC WiFi network. Therefore, you may be able to perform this step from your vehicle.

This step will activate your copy of Office for 180 days, after which, you may need to check in again if you have not used your laptop on campus. Therefore, please consider option 2.


Option 2: Uninstall the old version and install the new version of Office

Follow the instructions in this article:

This new version of Office does not have the activation requirement.


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