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How To Troubleshoot Problems Joining A Zoom Meeting or Webinar

Zoom meetings and webinars offer a number of ways that participants can join. Most of the information in this article applies to people with SNC accounts. But if you don't have an SNC account and you're attending a meeting hosted by SNC, you may still find a number of these tips helpful.

Host Preferences

The host has significant control over who can participate and how they participate, including these options:

  • require all participants to be logged into their SNC account
      • if you're not logged in, you can't participate
      • if you're not logged in, you can participate but you must go into the waiting room first
  • all participants can join by clicking a link, no passcode required
  • all participants can join by clicking a link and entering a passcode
  • all participants can join without a passcode, but must go into a waiting room first
  • all participants must register, which means each participant must use a unique link to join

Suffice it to say that the variety of options can make for a different experience as you go from meeting to meeting. Therefore, if you have any problems, be sure to check with the host. We have heard from hosts who were not aware of the authentication option they chose (i.e. required a passcode but didn't mean to).

Login To Your SNC Account

In order to insure you have the fewest problems, we strongly recommend that you login to your Zoom account at the beginning of each day. Then you'll be all set for any meetings that you attend. To login, visit our Zoom web page and click the "Sign In" button.

Current App Version

Zoom often releases a new version of their app. As you attend meetings, Zoom will occasionally notify you with a prompt to install it. We recommend that you install the new version as it becomes available. Additionally, sometimes it take a few days for Zoom to notify you, so if you're experiencing troubles, you may want to check for updates manually. This article will help: 

Check The Link

Most links to a Zoom event will look something like this:

You may be sent the link via email or perhaps a calendar event. These links can be long, so be sure it's not cutoff and that you're using the entire link. You may want to try highlighting the link, then copy and paste it into your browser.

Also, if you registered for the event, note that you will receive a custom link that only works for you. So, be sure you're using the right link.

Check The Instructions

Most event hosts will send info to you about the event, including information about how to join. Be sure to read that information carefully. For example, they may provide a passcode in the email which you'll need in order to join.

Test Your Connection

You can test your Zoom setup at any time, ideally BEFORE you have to attend a meeting. This helps to make sure the Zoom app runs okay on your device. It also allows you to test your microphone and camera. To test your setup, visit our Zoom web page and click the "Test" button. While in the test meeting, this is a good time to check your app version as described above.

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