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What devices are supported on the campus network?

It's a sign of the times. More and more devices are available these days that communicate via the internet. It's the Internet Of Things (IOT). Our campus network will support some IOT devices, but not all. The simple requirement to understand is that for security purposes, our network does not allow two devices to talk to each other directly via WiFi. While this is different than your home network, its very common among colleges and universities.

This explanation is a little techie, but it's important. If the device you want to bring needs to communicate directly with your laptop or smartphone via WiFi, then it won't work. On the other hand, many devices will send data out to their own server and then back over the internet to your laptop or phone; those will work.

So, how do you know? We've compiled a list of such devices here.

The following devices will work on our network:

The following devices will not work on our network:

  • Blink cameras
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Home, Google Home Mini (While Google smart devices used to work on our network, their technology has changed, and they no longer work.)
  • HomePod Mini
  • IP telephones
  • lawn mowers
  • smart lights/switches
  • Sonos speakers
  • VPN access to non-SNC network
  • Wemo smart devices
  • wireless printer (A printer will only work if you plug it into your laptop with a USB cable. Wireless printing does not work.)
  • Wiz smart devices

If you have a specific device in mind that is not mentioned here, feel free to send us an email with the details; provide a website link if you have one. We're happy to look into any specific device and add it to this article.

Note also that some of these devices that don't work on our network will still work well using a wireless hotspot. We recommend contacting your cell phone provider to see about acquiring a hotspot or enabling this feature on your current phone.


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