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How To Transfer Ownership of Zoom Meetings and Webinars

Zoom allows you to transfer ownership of a meeting or webinar so that it's as if someone else actually scheduled it. This is common in a situation where an employee moves on to another position or leaves the college.

Do It Now

To transfer a meeting or webinar, use Zoom's "Scheduling Privilege" feature, where the other person first grants you access to schedule events for them. Then edit any existing meeting or webinar on your account and change the "Schedule For" option to the other person. When you save the event, it will no longer appear in your list. The other person will now see it in their list of meetings or list of webinars.

For more details on using this feature, see our "How To Use Scheduling Privilege in Zoom" article.

Do It When Someone Leaves

If an employee has left the college, the ITS Service Desk can manually delete that employee's account, and during this process, can assign all of that employee's meetings and webinars to someone else. This process is described in Zoom's article "Transfer Meetings, Webinars, and Cloud Recordings".

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