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How To Convert An Old Video To Modern Format

We occasionally receive requests to convert a VHS tape (or other older format) to DVD or MP4 or some other digital format. We don't have those capabilities in ITS. But there are a couple of options:

  • The Mulva Library is able to convert a limited number of videos that meet certain criteria. You can visit their website for details: Mulva Library Film Digitization Service
  • If your video does not fit the criteria for the library to assist, our best suggestion is to find a company that offers this service. We don't have experience with any such company, but here are  couple of such options that you could try:

We'd appreciate any feedback you have regarding these or any other such services.

We'd also like to suggest that if you're converting to a modern format, that you skip the DVD format (which is getting old) and convert to MP4 video files. This means the company will give you a thumb drive or some other method to get the converted videos. Then you can store those videos on Google drive (to share with others) or you can even upload them to YouTube for easy sharing on a website. Or, if you really do need DVDs, perhaps you can consider requesting both DVD and MP4.

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