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If you are unable to join a Zoom meeting that requires authentication, and the Zoom app gives you the following error indicating that "This meeting is for authorized participants only" you may need to sign in to the Zoom app to join your meeting. If you are looking for more general information about logging in and manage your Zoom account, check out How to sign in to Zoom.


Here is how to sign in to the Zoom app on macOS and Windows (the Zoom mobile apps work similarly and the instructions should line up, but your screen may look a little different):


  • Click Sign in to Join or open the Zoom app and click Sign in1.png1b.png
  • Click Sign in with SSO2.png
  • (1) Enter snc-edu under Your company domain and (2) click Continue3.png
  • If prompted, enter your SNC 6-letter login ID and password4.png
  • If you are currently trying to join a meeting, you may also be prompted to Launch Zoom5.png


If you would prefer a video, we do cover signing into the Zoom Desktop app as part of this video:

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