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How to use rooms with integrated Zoom capability

Several rooms on campus have integrated Zoom capability that can provide a better experience when hosting hybrid in-person and remote meetings (meetings that have a number of in-person and remote participants at the same time). 

Click the link below to see a list of rooms with integrated Zoom capability as well as their associated Email Address for inviting them to your Zoom meetings:

Rooms with integrated Zoom capability


There are two main methods of joining a Zoom call from rooms with integrated Zoom capability. 

Method 1: Invite the room to your meeting using its email address

To schedule a meeting for use in a Zoom-enabled room, create an event in Google Calendar. Name the event, and add the Zoom-enabled room as a Guest. You can find a list of rooms and their associated email addresses at the top of this page.


Then, add a Zoom meeting by clicking "Add video conferencing" and selecting "Zoom Meeting." Once everything looks right, click "Save."

When it is time to join your Zoom call, you will find your Meeting on the home screen or "Meeting List" on the Zoom device in the room. 


Method 2: Join a meeting using a Zoom ID and Passcode

If you have not invited the room to your Zoom meeting using the method above, you can also join the call using the Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode.

The easiest way to find the ID and Passcode for a Zoom meeting is in Google Calendar. Click on the meeting, and the ID and Passcode are listed under the event details.


If you don't have access to the information for a Zoom call in Google Calendar, You can also find a Zoom call's ID and passcode on the Zoom website by signing in at if you created the meeting or by joining a Zoom meeting from another device, like a phone or laptop, and clicking on the green checkmark to view the meeting details.


Once you have the meeting ID and Passcode you can join the meeting by clicking the "Join" button on the Zoom device in the room, then enter the Meeting ID using the touchscreen. Lastly, enter the meeting passcode when prompted.



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