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How To Register Your Game System, Smart TV, etc. on the Campus Network

In addition to traditional devices like laptops and smartphones, you can also connect game systems, smart TVs, and similar devices on the Internet in your Residence Hall room, provided you adhere to all College policies and operate the device in such a way that it does not interfere with the operation of the College's network.

Information for Specific Devices

Devices with Web Browsers 

If the device has a web browser, open the browser and visit to complete the registration process.

Devices without Web Browsers

This is appropriate for devices like smart TVs, game systems, etc. If the device does not have a browser, complete the Device Registration form to register on the network.

In order to use the registration form you will required to provide the MAC address of the device. Here's an example of a MAC address: 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:97

If you need assistance with finding the MAC address of your device, please see the article: How to Find Your Game Machine's MAC Address

Additional Help

Nintendo Wii - The wireless network card on this device uses older technology and will not work on our wifi network. But the device should work fine on our wired network. If your dorm room has a network jack on the wall, then you'll just need an ethernet cable and an adapter in order to plug it in. This Google search for the adapter may help.

Playstation 3 - The wireless network card on this device uses older technology and will not work on our network. But the device will work fine as long as it's plugged into a network jack.

Other Devices - Manufacturers are coming out with more network-enabled devices all the time. Our kitchen has wifi ovens. We even registered a wifi fan for a student. If you have a network-enabled device that's new to the market or that you're just unsure of, please contact us for assistance.

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