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We provide high speed internet and WiFi inside every building on campus (including Schneider Stadium, residence halls, college houses, etc). While we do not have access points installed outdoors, there are a number of outdoor locations where our WiFi signal reaches. This includes some of the seating areas and patios adjacent to buildings (i.e. behind the Campus Center along the river).

Student Housing

The college WiFi network is available in all residence halls. We also provide WiFi in college houses. While some houses are on the SNC network, others receive their internet service directly from Spectrum (paid for by the college). The following college houses map shows which houses are served by which provider:


Notice on the above map that during 2019 and 2020, we're adding many houses to the SNC network (so they will no longer be served by Spectrum).

Some residence hall rooms have a working wired Ethernet jack on the wall, while many don't. If your room has such a jack, we still recommend using WiFi in the residence halls, as it is faster and more reliable.



We have two WiFi networks on campus:


The snc WiFi network is used by all faculty and staff on all college-owned devices and by students on their personally owned devices. All devices must be registered via the web site. Login with your six-letter login ID.


The sncguest network is used by guests of the college and people who do not have a college account (conference attendees, commencement families, event visitors, etc). During the academic year, this network is not available in residence halls (and is therefore not appropriate for use by students).

Note: Once your device has been registered and connected to the "snc" network, it will no longer work on the "sncguest" network.

If you find that your device always tries to connect to sncguest instead of snc, it may be because your phone still remembers a time when you used sncguest. To resolve this, go to your WiFi settings and tell your phone to forget sncguest. If you're not sure how to do this, a Google search for your device may help.

Apple TV

We have additional WiFi networks in many academic buildings for use on devices that need to share a screen with an Apple TV. Each such building has a unique Apple TV WiFi network; instructions for connecting are included in each room that has an Apple TV available.


Our campus has a 10 Gbps fiber connection to the internet through WiscNet. We have 700+ wireless access points, all supporting the 802.11ac standard. 

Network speed and performance are affected by many factors, not the least of which being your device. Newer devices are generally more capable of operating at faster speeds.

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