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How To Request Technical Support

You can initiate a request for technical service via one of three methods:

  • Send email (with optional attachments) to
  • Call us at 920-403-4040.
  • Visit us at the Service Desk or Service Desk Express (as explained below).

The best method to use just depends on the situation and your preference. Email allows you to describe in detail exactly what's happening, copy and paste an error message, and even attach a photo or screen shot. Telephone allows you to get to us quickly for a more urgent request. An in-person visit allows you to show us exactly what's happening on your laptop or device.

Our support is structured into three services based on the time of day and the day of the week:

  • ITS Service Desk
  • ITS Service Desk Express
  • After Hours

It's important to understand the differences so that you can get the most of our services. The information provided here is general information based on normal schedules. Our availability changes, especially over breaks and holidays.

The telephone number to call for all of these services is: 920-403-4040.

Specific hours of availability are provided in our Service Desk Hours article.

ITS Service Desk

Our Service Desk in Cofrin Hall (first floor) is open weekdays until at least 4:30 p.m.*. During these hours, you'll have access to our full-time staff, offering the widest range of skills, experience, and troubleshooting abilities. In addition to Service Desk staff, we also have access to staff from other ITS departments like Academic Technology (Tech Bar, classroom support/training), Enterprise Applications (assistance with Banner, related apps, etc), and Infrastructure Services (network, servers, etc).

For the best available service and help with the widest range of issues, please visit or call the Service Desk in Cofrin Hall during regular business hours.

* We also have limited staff on duty until 6:30pm Monday through Thursday (during the academic semester) for the specific purpose of providing support to classrooms for evening classes.

ITS Service Desk Express

During each academic semester, we have extended hours during the evenings and weekends. One of our students works until at least 9:00 p.m. during the week, with additional hours on Saturdays and Sundays. We use the word "express" in the name of this service as an intentional way to convey the fact that we aren't able to offer all services during these ours. The intent is for our student employee to provide services to fellow students. We therefore offer this service from the Mulva Library circulation desk, where there is more student foot traffic during these hours.

Our student employees are very well trained and are able to solve a wide range of issues. They are also able to contact full-time staff should a major issue arise. But you should also expect that during these off hours, it's not uncommon for us to defer support for certain issues to regular business hours.

After Hours

During the hours that we're closed (i.e. overnight, weekends during breaks, holidays, etc), we offer 24/7 support for issues that affect the entire campus, like a power outage or a network down. During these hours, we are not able to offer individual support for things like laptops or individual classrooms.

To report a campuswide issue, just call our Service Desk at 920-403-4040, select option #3, and follow the prompts. One of our four directors (Krissy, Ravi, Rob, Scott) is on call at all times for this purpose. Once you make contact with us, the director on call will then make any calls necessary to other ITS staff to support the issue.

Help Yourself

If you find that you need individual help outside of our usual hours, there are indeed options that you can pursue without us. Here are a few examples:

  • If you're having trouble with technology in a classroom, perhaps you can simply move to another classroom nearby. If you do this, please still report the issue to us so that we have the opportunity to fix it. A simple email to explaining the issue will work very well.
  • If your laptop isn't working correctly or you need to borrow a cable, perhaps you can get that from the Mulva Library. Often, the library is open longer than our Service Desk.
  • If you just need an adapter or something simple, you can check at the St. Norbert College Bookstore. They will also allow you to charge purchases to your department.
  • If you're in the middle of a support issue right now, then this suggestion may be too late, but we always recommend testing anything that's new to you. So, for example, if you'll be using a classroom for the first time or you'll be connecting a new device to the network for the first time, and those times fall outside of our Service Desk hours, just perform a test of your situation during a time when we're open. This allows you to not only make sure the technology is working, but it also allows you to learn anything new that you need to know during a time when we're able to assist.
  • If you're not sure where to go for help, try searching our knowledge base for an article with the information that you need.

Finally, if you'd like to simply report an issue and get support at the next available time we're open, just send an email to When describing the issue, sometimes it's helpful to take a picture of your screen and include that as an attachment.

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