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Internet Content Filtering

We employ content filtering through FortiGuard, a product of Fortinet, our firewall vendor. FortiGuard puts web content into one of dozens of categories. Those categories are further grouped into six labels:

  • Adult/Mature Content
  • Bandwidth Consuming
  • General Interest - Business
  • General Interest - Personal
  • Potentially Liable
  • Security Risk

These are our three campus networks, along with which content is blocked in each:

  • wired: Security Risk
  • wireless, snc: Security Risk
  • wireless, sncguest: Security Risk, Adult/Mature Content, Potentially Liable

We also monitor and log much of our traffic (both wired and wireless) for possible future use in troubleshooting.

False Positives

We occasionally see reports of a web site that is blocked and the user does not understand why it’s blocked. FortiGuard uses lists of web sites and host I.P. addresses that are maintained by security experts and law enforcement officials. While the list is always changing, we do not control the list at St. Norbert College. If a web site owner wishes to investigate further as to how they got on such a list (or how to get off the list), they can get answers in the FortiGuard FAQ.

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