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Video Conference Etiquette

Audio Netiquette

  1. Like in an in-person conversation, you wouldn't chew food while talking to someone.  That same rule applies to conference calls.  Mute yourself while eating.
  2. If you need to cough or sneeze, attempt to mute yourself before hand.  
  3. Try not to talk over others. 
  4. As a general rule, it's good practice to mute yourself, if you're not talking.  Use your own judgement though.  i.e. if you're having active dialog, it doesn't make sense to mute/un-mute yourself during that conversation.
  5. Use earbuds or headphones if you can. This will eliminate the chance of feedback.

The challenges talking in person are amplified when holding a conversation in a conference call.  It's ok to make a mistake.  Just apologize and move along.

Video Netiquette

  1. Dress for the environment you're entering.  Wear the clothes that you would normally wear to class, if you're attending a class in a virtual environment.  
  2. Make sure the angle of your camera is capturing what you're comfortable sharing.  You may need to get closer or move farther away from the camera.
  3. You don't always need to broadcast video.  If you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, you can choose not to share your video.
  4. Consider what avatar shows up when your video is off, and how your name displays. These are important ways to express your presence in the room, but be sure the image you project is appropriate for the group you're in.

When broadcasting video, ask yourself "Am I comfortable?" and "Is the broadcast I'm sharing appropriate?"

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