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What is my college ID number?

Every person with an account at the college has a nine-digit ID number which is printed on our ID cards.

If you no longer have an ID card and still need to know your ID number, or if your ID number is not accepted when attempting to change your password, contact the appropriate office shown here for assistance:

Type of User Contact
Current Students (including ESL) Registrar
College Jumpstart Students (current & former) Registrar
Incoming Students Office of Admission
Incoming International Students Center for Global Engagement
Alumni Alumni Relations
Faculty, Staff, Retirees Human Resources
Others ITS Service Desk

We occasionally receive requests from people who have forgotten their ID number and need it in order to change their password. Please know that we take the security of your account seriously, and we at the ITS Service Desk cannot give you your ID number. So be sure to contact the appropriate office listed above. Once you have it, you can then change your password using the information in this article:

If you're a former student of our College Credit program, that program is now called "College Jumpstart"; follow the info for that program as mentioned above.

Years ago, students and employees were issued shorter ID numbers (i.e. six digits). All IDs are now nine digits, old numbers are now padded with zeroes at the beginning to make nine digits.

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