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Resources for Alumni and Retirees

The technical resources available for use by alumni and retirees (including faculty with emeritus status) are significantly different than those available to current students and employees. As explained in the Accounts article, alumni and retirees are able to maintain their college Google Workspace account. The Alumni web site includes information about services for alumni. Our Employee Handbook explains the definition of "retiree".

Occasionally, a retiree is hired back to help out in department or to teach a class. In this case, the HR department will change their status back to 'current employee', which will then make the corresponding services available.

All of the following services and resources are available based on a person's current defined status:


Computers that the college purchases and maintains are only for use by current employees and students (see information below about the Library). If a former employee (i.e. retiree) wishes to continue using a computer, they must purchase their own. If a retiree is assisting in a specific department, they may be able to use the resources of that department, though computers will always be assigned to a current employee.


The licenses that we hold with Microsoft and other software companies only allow for the use by current employees and students. Former employees and students must purchase their own software for personal use.


Alumni and retirees are not able to print as they used to. Retirees, however, can be granted printing capabilities. To do so, they must first identify the campus department that will pay for their printing. Someone in that department must contact Campus Card Services to have their org number attached to the retiree's account, which will then allow them to print as they did when they were an employee.

See also information below about services available in the library.


While most services traditionally offered for current students and employees are not available to former students and employees, the Mulva Library offers a number of services and technical resources, including the ability to print.

Other former employees

Former employees who are not retirees have no computing or support privileges based on their past relationship with the college.

Additional resources

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