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Computer Science - Installing DarkGDK

  1. Download and open dark gdk (you will need to use your SNC Google account to access the file)
  2. Run vs_community_2017.exe to install Visual Studio Community 2017.
    • Choose Desktop Development w/ C++ and press InstallPicture1.png
  3. Create and Run a C++ sample application in VS 2017
    • File>New>Project
    • Empty Project
      • Name: Hello
      • OK
    • Right-click Source Files
      • Add>New Item>C++ File(.cpp)
      • Name: Hello.cpp
      • Add
    • Type in or copy/paste the sample code:
    • #include <iostream>
      using namespace std;

      void main () {
      char ch;
      cout << "Hello" << endl;
      cout << "enter character and then press enter to leave" << endl;
      cin >> ch;
    • Debug>Start Without Debugging
    • Close Visual Studio
  4. Run vs_community_2017.exe again and click Modify
    • With Desktop Development w C++ checked as before, in the panel on the right, click:
      • Visual C++ MFC for x86 and x64
      • Windows 10 SDK 10.0.14393.0
      • Windows 10 SDK 10.0.15063.0
    • Click ModifyPicture2.png
  5. Run dxsdk_aug2007.exe
    • Unzip the contents when prompted
    • Go through install prompts
      • (May bring up dialog windows regarding XAudio. Just click OK or the X in the corner.)
  6. Copying library and include files for DarkGDK:
    • Navigate to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)
    • New -> Folder
      • Name it: The Game Creators (spaces required)
    • Go to that folder.
    • New -> Folder
      • Name it: Dark GDK (space required)
    • Copy Include_VS2017 and Lib_VS2017 into the Dark GDK folder.
  7. Copy sncDarkGDK2017 folder to either Desktop or Documents, somewhere where the student will know where to find it, they will be using this folder throughout the semester
  8. Test installation:
    • Open sncDarkGDK2017 folder
    • Double-click on sncDarkGDK2017.sln
    • a. Debug -> Start Without Debugging
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