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How to use Loom to make a Screen Recording or Video

While Kaltura is our primary video recording and sharing platform, Loom is an alternative tool you can use to make screen recordings from your computer. Loom allows you to quickly record your screen, after which it will upload the video to its cloud service and give you a link that you can use to share your video with others. Loom also has a trim feature that allows you to quickly remove unwanted parts from your recording. Videos uploaded to Loom can optionally be password protected or shared with specific people via email. Loom allows viewers of your video to leave comments and emojii reactions 👍 at timestamps in your video. Any recordings made with Loom can be downloaded and uploaded to other services like Google Drive and YouTube.

Loom is a free service with a Pro version that is free for Education. If you sign up for Loom using your SNC email address, you will automatically get the Pro features of Loom which include unlimited storage for videos and Drawing Tools for annotating over your screen. You can go to to sign up for an account and download the software.

Loom has three pieces of software that you can choose to use to make recordings, a Chrome extension, iOS and Android, and Loom Desktop for Windows and macOS. The mobile apps are convenient if you want to make recordings of a mobile device, the Chrome extension allows you to record just an individual tab in your browser, but for most uses we recommend using the Loom Desktop app as it has the most features, and is the only option that also allows you to record over PowerPoint slides. We have a video on how to install the Loom Desktop app:


We also have a Getting Started video on how to use Loom to make recordings:

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