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Getting Started with Paperspace - Account Creation and Team Join

Joining our Paperspace team requires an email invitation.  If you think you should be on our Paperspace team, please contact the Service Desk, who can process your request.

Once you've received your email, inviting you to our SNC team, click the link within that email to get started.

After clicking that link you will be brought to a screen to create a Paperspace account.  We would recommend that you click "Sign up with Google".


After you sign-in with your SNC Google account, click on "Private workspace" in the top left corner of the window, then select "Manage teams".


Under "Pending Team Invitations", select the SNC team.


Then select "Accept Invitation".


If you don't see any computers to access, click "Gradient" in the top left corner of the window.  Then, select "Core: Virtual Servers".  


You should now see the machines that are provisioned for you.



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