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Can I Get Support For My Personally Owned Device?



For your laptop, we will help out with most any issue related to your Google account or using Google Workspace apps. We can also assist with other software-related issues like malware removal and virus protection. We're also happy to look into issues with other software that you may have installed. While we can offer very limited assistance with hardware, we're happy to offer advice and guidance on where to go for physical repairs (see also the bullet list below).

For other devices, like smartphones, game machines, etc, we're very happy to answer your questions and help set them up, especially as it relates to accessing your Google account or connecting to our network. But there are also significant limitations on the extent of support that we're able to offer. Often we have to refer you to a service provider (i.e. cell phone company) or a vendor (computer maker, etc). In these cases, your warranty or service agreement will come in handy.

Suffice it to say that the ITS Service Desk is a good first stop for most any technology need.

Staff, Faculty, Retirees, Alumni


It's not practical for us to put our responsibilities to current students and employees on hold while we help employees with personally owned equipment. Like caring for your car, we suggest establishing a relationship with a qualified shop.

If you have a personally-owned laptop or tablet that you use for work purposes, we MAY be able to assist with some basic recommendations, but we aren't able to perform any troubleshooting or work on the device.

If you have a personally-owned smart phone and are receiving a stipend from the college to help pay for it, we will provide advice in setting up the Gmail app or any other official Google app related to your SNC account. We are not able to work on issues related to the phone itself or any other apps.

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