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How To Print - MCW Students, Faculty, and Staff

Please follow the appropriate instructions based on your role at the college.

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These instructions explain how to print for all Medical College of Wisconsin students, faculty, and staff.

Simple Method (recommended):

  1. Email your document to This puts it in the "Follow Me" queue.*
  2. Walk up to any printer, scan the QR code, and release (only attachments will print, not the email message itself).

This method will assume these default settings: double-sided, black & white, one copy, etc.

Additional Methods:

  1. Login to (using SNC six-letter ID), click the green "Submit a Job" button, follow the prompts to send your document to the "Follow Me" printer

  2. Release the print job on the nearest printer using any one of these methods:

    • Walk up to the printer, scan the QR code, then follow the prompts.
    • Walk up to the printer, swipe your SNC ID card (available on most printers), then follow the prompts.
    • Visit the Print Release ( web site (on the computer or your phone), select your printer from the list (start typing a printer name to narrow the list), then click the button to release.
    • Login on the printer keypad with your six-letter login ID, then follow the prompts to release.

* When sending your document via email, it must come from your MCW email address so that it knows who you are.

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