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How To Print - SNC Students, Faculty, and Staff

Please follow the appropriate instructions based on your role at the college.

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These instructions explain how to print for all St. Norbert College students, faculty, and staff.

Simple Method (recommended):

  1. Email your document to This puts it in the "Follow Me" queue.*

  2. Walk up to any printer, scan the QR code, and release (only attachments will print, not the email message itself).

This method will assume these default settings: double-sided, black & white, one copy.

This is the simplest method that will work for everyone (students, faculty, and staff). This is also a great method to use if your usual printer is being serviced and you need to print to a different printer anywhere on campus. It requires no installation of software or setup on your computer.

Each of the additional methods that follow will be appropriate for various people depending on your role and how you normally print. Please read through them all so that you're familiar with each possibility.

Additional methods:

  1. These three additional methods are available to send a document to the "Follow Me" print queue:

    You MUST be logged into your SNC Gmail account for these to work. Your personal account won't work.

    • If you're printing a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides in Chrome, you can use "File > Print".
    • Login to Google Cloud Print** and click the big red button.
    • If you want to be able to select color or black and white or one-sided or two-sided or multiple copies, login to (using six-letter login ID), click the green button, follow the prompts to send your document to the "Follow Me" printer.

  2. You can also release the print job on the nearest printer using any of these methods:

    • Walk up to the printer, swipe your SNC ID card (available on most printers), then follow the prompts.
    • Visit the Print Release ( web site (on the computer or your phone), select your printer from the list (start typing a printer name to narrow the list), then click the button to release.
    • Login on the printer keypad with your six-letter login ID, follow the prompts.

Additional Method for Faculty/Staff using a college-owned computer:

  1. If you have a printer installed on your computer, you can use the traditional "File > Print" method. This only works while you're on campus. You may also be interested in the "How To Install A Printer" knowledge base article. You can install any printer on campus, no matter the location, on your computer.

Additional Method for Faculty/Staff using any computer (including personally owned):

  1. Login to Google Cloud Print** using your SNC account, click the big red button to upload your document.

  2. In addition to the "Follow Me Printer", you'll see a complete list of all printers on campus (if you've used Google Cloud Print** before, your most recently used printers will be at the top of the list). Click the printer you want to use. You can also start typing a printer name (i.e. "BOYLE") in the search box to narrow the list of printers.

  3. Follow the remaining prompts to send your document directly to the printer.

Restricted Printers

The following printers are available for SNC faculty and staff only:

  • BOYLE327
  • GMS2126color
  • GMS3122
  • STW134color

* When sending your document via email, it must come from your SNC email address so that it knows who you are.

** Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. We will work to remove this service on campus by the summer of 2020.

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